Florida Man Punches Girlfriend’s Father, Bites Boat Captain After Getting Caught Having Sex in Bathroom

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Some people really value their privacy. Case in point: 24-year-old Robert “Bubba” Martin, who was charged with misdemeanor disorderly intoxication and battery when he punched his girlfriend’s father and bit a boat captain after getting caught having sex in the bathroom of a cruise ship.

The incident occurred on the Key West Express, a boat that travels between Marco Island and Key West. An engineer on the ship said some passengers approached him around 7:15 p.m. telling him that they heard a couple doing the deed in the men’s restroom.

The crewmember notified the father of Martin’s girlfriend, who immediately went to the bathroom to stop the encounter, according the Naples Daily News.

The girl’s father said he pulled his daughter away from Martin who then turned aggressive, pushing the father and taking a swing at him, according to the arrest report. The father’s friends and crew members attempted to subdue Martin who allegedly threatened to “kick the s**t out of all of them.”

The captain of the boat zip-tied Martin’s wrists in an effort to calm him down, but the 24-year-old claimed they were too tight and promised to not do anything dumb if the zip ties were removed. Unfortunately, Martin sunk his teeth into the captain’s hand as soon as his limbs were free, the report states.

The captain and crewmember were able to subdue Martin again until they reached the dock and Marco Island police took him into custody.

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