Five People Arrested in North Carolina for One Night of Multiple "Knockout Game" Attacks (Photos)

| by Dominic Kelly

The “knockout game” has made its way to North Carolina in full force, according to Hertford County Sheriff Juan Vaughan, who says that four attacks happened in just one night recently.

Vaughan insists that on the night of November 26th, four different incidents occurred within hours of each other in Hertford County. Victims say that the attacks happened without any warning.

"They don't give you any warning whatsoever," said one of the victims. "I was leaning against the brick wall and they just came around to the other side and boom. [You] turn around and they hit you."

That victim said that he was at a local car wash when the attack happened. Police report that another attack happened right across the street at a laundromat.

"We are very concerned, because it is innocent citizens in the county that are getting hurt for no reason," said Vaughan. “It's not a game. It's serious, and somebody can get killed. We are going to try hard to prevent that from happening in Hertford County."

The four separate “knockout game” attacks led to the eventual arrest of five people, including William White, 22, Antown Valentine, 26, and Dominique Parker, 24.

There have been many reports of knockout-style attacks all over the country, and some people have died as a result. Some have been hesitant to call the attacks a game or label it as a growing trend, but authorities warn that it seems to be catching on in unexpected places. Many people who play the so-called “knockout game” post videos of the attacks on YouTube and other websites to show off what they’ve done.

Take a look below at some shocking pictures of a few alleged “knockout game” attacks.