Fight Organized on Facebook Includes 20 People, Ends in Stabbings

| by Michael Allen

A man, 41, and his adult son, 20, were stabbed multiple times in a fight of about 20 people that was set up on Facebook.

The 41-year-old man was stabbed in the stomach, arms and back, while his son was stabbed in the chest. Both men underwent surgery and are in a critical condition.

The fight happened near a mall in Sydney, Australia. Police arrested three people in connection with the wild brawl, which included a knife, scissors, and baseball bat, noted

Glenn and Jyle Shillingsworth were charged with wounding with intent. An unidentified 15 year old was also arrested.

"It’s a strong prosecution case along with a degree of planning," magistrate Geoffrrey Hiatt told The Daily Telegraph.

A family member of the Shillingsworth brothers wrote on Facebook, “Wish this was a bad dream” after the siblings were charged.

Sources:, The Daily Telegraph