FBI Might Know Who Stole $500M Worth of Art, Still Has No Idea Where The Art Is

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The FBI says it may have finally solved the mystery of who stole $500 million worth of paintings from a Boston museum in 1990, but in the interest of the ongoing investigation, refuses to release the names of the alleged thieves. And they admittedly have yet to piece together the most important part of the puzzle: Where is the stolen art?

According to The Guardian, authorities believe they know who stole the paintings by world-renowned artists including Rembrandt, Manet, Degas and Vermer, which were taken exactly 23 years ago from Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in the largest property heist in US history.

After chasing leads from around the world, one would think that knowing who the thieves are would bring about substantial progress in solving the caper. Instead, the FBI is simply soliciting publicity by announcing a campaign aimed at generating tips on where the paintings may be.

The FBI’s Richard DesLauriers offered his theory, saying the agency believes the art was offered for sale in Philadelphia about 10 years ago. However, the FBI presents little else to aid the public in helping to find the missing paintings.

What we don’t know: whether the thieves are in prison on other charges, whether the thieves are men or women, where the thieves are, or even whether the thieves are dead or alive.  What we do know: the statute of limitations has expired on the criminal offenses associated with the 1990 theft.

As the FBI searches for the missing paintings, the empty frames remain on the walls of the museum in hopes that they will some day be returned.

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