Father Who Shot His Family Dead Thought His Wife Cheated

| by Lisa Fogarty

A father from Queens, New York, who killed his wife, mother-in-law, 7-year-old daughter and shot and wounded his 12-year-old daughter reportedly did so in a fit of rage because he suspected his common law wife was cheating on him.

Jonathan Walker, 34, reportedly went out and got drunk the night before the incident and was overhead rambling to everyone at a liquor store about how his wife, Shantai Hale, was having numerous affairs behind his back, reports the New York Post.

Walker, who was employed as a nightclub security guard, failed to show up for work that night, according to police, and instead waited until 5:30 a.m. to appear at his partner’s home, where he went on a murderous shooting spree.

One source says he shot his children because he did not want them to be placed in foster care. Despite sustaining a gun shot to the head, his preteen daughter, Christina, reportedly survived and was able to call 911 and report what had happened to her family.

The young girl is in a medically-induced coma, according to her family members, and is undergoing intensive care after a risky surgery in which her skull had to be cut open to reduce brain swelling.

After the shooting, Walker reportedly drove away in his 2013 GMC Acadia. Police found him in the car a few hours later, where he had reportedly shot and killed himself, reports Newsday.

Sources: New York Post, Newsday/Photo Credit: NYPD, Facebook