Father Finds Unexpected Guest With His Daughter, Chops His Dreadlocks Off

| by Jonathan Constante

A 19-year-old boy got the scare of his life when he was attacked by the father of a female friend he was visiting.

Reginald Hardy went through every father’s worst nightmare when he entered his Reading, Pennsylvania, home on Friday night and noticed an unexpected guest running through his apartment and into his bathroom.

Hardy, whose 17-year-old daughter had just moved in with him a couple of weeks ago, was livid.

“That might have been the maddest I ever got because I literally just seen red,” the father told WFMZ.

According to court documents, Hardy punched the teenage boy in the face, dragged him into the kitchen by his hair and sliced his dreadlocks off with a knife. When the boy attempted to leave, Hardy threatened to shoot him in the back if he ran away.

The father, who just single-handedly made sure his daughter will never have a boyfriend again, has calmed down since the incident and has been cooperating with police during their investigation. He apologized to the boy he attacked but wants an apology in return, claiming the boy was disrespectful.

“He knows he shouldn't have been there,” Hardy said. “I’m a father looking out for my daughter. That’s it.”

Hardy was charged with two counts of aggravated assault, terroristic threats and other offenses. He’s currently free on $50,000 unsecured bail and will appear in court for a preliminary hearing on January 12.

A couple of Hardy's neighbors at the Frank Manor Apartments defended the his actions.

“He might have went too far, but at the same time, he might have been protecting his daughter, too,” said neighbor Carlos Maldonado, who also has a daughter.

Source: Daily MailWFMZ / Photo Credit: Daily Mail