Ex-Convict Accused Of Shooting, Killing 26-Year-Old Man Over Expensive Sneakers (Video)

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An ex-convict has been arrested after a recent home invasion in North Providence, Rhode Island, left a man fatally shot and his mother hospitalized, according to police.

Dari Max Garcia, 24, has been charged in the shooting death of Richard Catalano, 26, on Sunday night, Turn to 10 reports.

Catalano’s girlfriend, whose name was withheld, told the NBC affiliate on Tuesday that she believes the shooting was over a pair of sneakers and money.

“All he got to say was, ‘I’m dying baby, I’m dying,’” she said. “That’s the last words I got to hear.”

Catalano’s friends say that after coming home from a sneaker expo in Providence, he posted a photo of a pile of cash on Facebook, which was set for public view the same night he was killed. They think someone followed him home.

Catalano’s girlfriend was in the same room as the murder victim when the gunman broke in.

"The guy who came in, it was like he was on something. Just shooting. Who shoots? And says 'Where's the money?'" she told the television station. "I saw him enter and I saw a gun and I just hid on the side of the bed with the puppies and tried not to let him see me and he saw me and he was about to shoot me but I got to crawl out just in time.”

According to the Providence Journal, Garcia bit off Catalano’s mother’s finger during a struggle over the gun that happened after the 26-year-old was shot, police say.

He is charged with first-degree murder, burglary and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

Catalano’s mother, who was also shot, was in critical condition at Rhode Island Hospital in Providence, but is expected to recover.

Garcia shot himself in the face as cops arrived on the scene. He is also being treated at the hospital, but it’s not the first time he’s been shot. Garcia has an extensive criminal background.

A Providence police officer shot Garcia while responding to a domestic disturbance in February, Turn to 10 reports.

“Burying a son at 26-years-old is something I hope no one ever has to go through,” Catalano’s father, Richard Lopes, told the TV station.

Lopes, who was at a funeral home making arrangements, says given Garcia’s history, his son’s death could’ve been prevented.

"A law can be made so people don't have to go through what I'm going through. The first night he was in the morgue I could feel his coldness. I could feel him telling me, 'Dad I'm alone', I could not get warm. This is what it feels like, this is reality. Let's stop this reality," Lopes told the station.

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Video Source: YouTube/NBC 10 WJAR