'Evil' Teen Accused of Killing Girl and Carrying Her Body in a Bag Past Her Mom

| by Lisa Fogarty

An Ohio teen has been described as “evil” by a prosecutor after he smirked while standing trial for fatally stabbing a teen girl and then carrying her dead body in a bag past her mother.

Ricki D. Williams IV, 18, has been accused of killing Gina Burger, 16, parading her body in a bag in front of her mother and then dumping her remains in a Pennsylvania landfill, reports the Daily Mail. Federal Marshals arrested the boy, who is said to be homeless, on Tuesday and took him to Youngstown, Ohio. Standing before a judge, he smiled while the charges against him – which include aggravated murder and kidnapping – were rattled off. He is being held without bond.

“There is evil in the world, and he’s one of those evil people,” the prosecutor said after his hearing.

Burger was reported missing by her mother, Jacqueline Bacher, on June 23. The 16-year-old girl told her mom she was leaving their Compass West apartment to borrow iced tea. Police believe Williams kidnapped the girl, who they think knew the suspect, and held her against her will in an apartment in the same complex where an acquaintance of hers reportedly lived.

Williams allegedly tried to “force” the woman who lived in the apartment to stab the teen, but she refused. He then reportedly killed her himself with a knife and, after threatening to kill the apartment owner, got the woman to help him stuff Burger’s body into her son’s pack and play bag, reports WPXI.

Burger’s mother was reportedly outside of her apartment when she saw the teen walk past carrying the bag. He allegedly asked her if she “wanted to buy a baby thing” before somehow fleeing the scene. Bacher says she wondered what the teen had in the bag, but that she never suspected it would be her daughter’s body.

Police aren’t sure how Williams transported Burger to a landfill in Mercer County, Pennsylvania, but her remains were discovered there one week later.

“She had a family,” Bacher said. “People loved her and cared about her, and to find her in a landfill, someone has no regard for life. She was a sweet, caring and trusting girl.”

Authorities plan to seek the death penalty.

Sources: Daily Mail, WPXI