Evansville Police Raid Elderly Woman's Home, Prompt Lawsuit (VIDEO)

| by Amanda Schallert

Evansville police raided the home of an elderly woman who was suspected of making online threats against the police department, though they apparently found no evidence against her.

Louise Milan, 68, was at home with her adopted daughter at the time. Police reportedly shattered her front door and rushed in with guns. They also threw hand grenades inside, handcuffed the family members and seized computers, according to

“Don’t hurt me!" someone could be heard saying in the video.

Milan was accused of anonymously threatening police officers and the local police chief.

Later, according to the Courier Press, members of the FBI arrested a suspected gang leader who also lived in the neighborhood and had allegedly been using Milan’s wireless network through his smartphone. The man’s name is Derrick Murray.

A lawsuit has now been filed against the city of Evansville in response to the search, though city officials have said that the police officers did not exceed their legal bounds during the search.