Elderly Man Viciously Attacked Over $18

| by Dominic Kelly

An elderly Houston man was brutally beaten and robbed, and his attackers wound up getting away with $18.

Reports say three assailants beat Jose Contreras, 73, while he was walking to work last week. The unidentified men stole $18 in cash from Contreras as well as his Social Security card and his bank cards.

Despite breaking bones in both his hands and getting punched in the eye and face, Contreras still went to work as planned.

“At my work the man say, 'you're bleeding,'” Contreras recalled. “And I say 'I'm OK,' and then looked and saw the blood on my face coming down.”

Contreras wound up needing 36 stitches in his face, and his 8-year-old granddaughter says she is scared for her beloved grandfather.

“There was no need for them to do it," Giada Muller told ABC 13. "He had a whistle he carried for such an occasion but he didn't use it.”

Reports note that even if Contreras had used the whistle, nobody else was around the hear it.

Police are searching for the three suspects as an investigation continues. The latest crime statistics for Houston from Neighborhood Scout show more than 23,000 violent crimes per year, on average.

Sources: ABC 13, Neighborhood Scout

Photo Source: Screenshot from ABC 13 video