Drug War: 22-Year-Old Gets 36 Years For First Time Drug Offense

| by Michael Allen

22-year-old Jose Antonio Segovia Jr. was sentenced 36 years in prison and a $10,000 fine for possession of a controlled substance, 4g to 200g, with intention to deliver. Last Wednesday, he pleaded guilty and then jurors in Johnson County, Texas determined his sentence.

A first-time offender, Segovia was arrested during a routine traffic stop near Alvarado, Texas. It was then that a police officer found 55.92 grams of cocaine in his car, according to court testimony. Johnson County Assistant District Attorney Brent Huffman said that Segovia traveled from Fort Worth to Johnson County to sell the cocaine. He reportedly got the drugs from his uncle.

Johnson County District Attorney Dale Hanna said: “"Two ounces, that’s a large amount for Johnson County and the jury delivered quite a harsh sentence. This verdict shows once again that jury panels in Johnson County have a strong history of supporting law enforcement.”

Segovia had no prior criminal history and was eligible for probation when he plead guilty to the first-degree felony charge and placed the fate of his sentence in the hands of a Johnson County jury.