Video: Ohio Doctor Attacked By Police, Tasered At Son's Birthday Party

| by Khier Casino

An Ohio doctor is suing police at two departments, claiming officers used such excessive force, shocking him multiple times during his arrest, that he suffered a heart attack and kidney failure.

Dr. William Randall Cox was hosting a birthday party for his terminally-ill son in 2012 when six police officers from two different precincts showed up at his door and attacked him, The Free Thought Project reports.

One of the guests at the party captured the incident on cellphone video.

“Somebody grabbed me around the neck, they body slammed me then multiple people got on top of me then I started getting Tased,” said Cox.

He was tasered so many times that he was taken to a hospital due to a heart attack and kidney failure in the incident.

Cox was handcuffed in front of his 18-year-old son, who had terminal brain cancer and died a few months later.

Cox initially thought that the police were at his house because those attending the party might have parked in someone else’s yard.

But police arrived to arrest him for violating a protection order against his ex-girlfriend, Gretchen Myers, who wrongly claimed Cox harassed her at a gas station.

According to WLWT, the case eventually went to court, where defense attorneys say they found surveillance video at the gas station showing the woman, but not Cox. He was, in fact, seen on security cameras at a cellphone store.

Blue Ash police completed an internal investigation and stated that the officers on scene "acted appropriately and in an objectively appropriate manner.”

According to WCPO, Blue Ash Police Chief Paul Hartinger went on to state, "I further find the officers used only that force necessary to take Dr. Cox into custody, and the use of force was discontinued when Dr. Cox was securely in custody.”

Cox was charged with resisting arrest and violation of a protective order, which were eventually dismissed.

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Image Credits: WLWT Channel 5‎Marcelo Freixo/Flickr