Couple's RV Stolen by Gypsies, Police Won't Evict Thieves

| by Michael Allen

Kathleen McLelland and Michael Curry's $50,000 RV was allegedly stolen by a gypsy family, but the vehicle was recently found by police.

However, the couple cannot get their camper back because authorities say it would "breach [the gypsy family's] human rights."

The RV was reportedly stolen in 2011 in Hampshire County, England.

According to the Daily Mail, McLelland and Curry were originally excited police when contacted them 18 months later with the news that their RV had been found.

However, McLelland and Curry were stunned when police told them that they have "no lawful powers" to get their mobile home back from the gypsy couple and their two children who are living in it.

McLelland and Curry will now have to file a lawsuit to get the gypsies out, but may not be able to afford the legal fees as they put so much of their money into the RV.

"They've told us social services would have to be involved to get the family accommodation before they could seize it, otherwise they said it could breach their human rights. We're devastated, it was all we had," said McLelland.

McLelland and Curry were in between insurance policies at the time of the theft, so they did not receive any payment.

Amazingly, police won't tell them the exact location of their stolen RV., which could even protect the gypsies in a civil suit if the couple cannot find and serve them.

"I just cannot comprehend it. If I was stopped by the police and it turned out my car, which I had brought in good faith, was stolen, it would be confiscated and I would lose my money," added Curry.

"A police officer who lives in our street was also surprised when we told him. He said "it is the police’s job to recover stolen goods.'"

Source: Daily Mail