Couple Murdered After Meeting Man From Craigslist For Sex

| by Jonathan Wolfe

An eight-month-pregnant 18-year-old girl and her boyfriend were killed in a horrific Craigslist murder earlier this month. Police say Brady Oestrike, 31, killed the couple after arranging on Craigslist to meet up with them for sex.

Brooke Slocum, 18, and boyfriend Charles Oppenneer, 25, met up with Oestrike at Oppenneer’s request. The details of what happened during and after the meeting are unknown, but Oestrike killed both Slocum and Oppenneer.

Police first discovered Oppenneer’s decapitated body in a local park. That alerted them to search for Slocum. Soon after, police found Oestrike’s dead body in his car on the side of road. He’d shot himself, and Slocum was dead in his trunk.

Slocum’s father recalled to WOOD-TV the horror he felt when police delivered the news.

“To see my baby laying in that road, covered in a yellow tarp pulled out of that man’s trunk, is the most horrifying experience any parent can ever imagine. And we need to put a stop to this,” he said.

Greg Slocum says his daughter was scheduled to move in with her mother last month but opted to move in with Oppenneer in hopes of salvaging their relationship instead. He added that his daughter was willing to do anything to stay together with Oppenner – even if it meant meeting strangers online to sleep with them.

“Even to meet men on Craigslist to make some money because her boyfriend was manipulative,” Greg Slocum said. “She would put herself through hell just to make sure her family didn’t get divorced.”

Oestrike, meanwhile, had no criminal history prior to the killings. Neighbors say he was a homebody who was rarely seen outside of his house. Police have not announced a motive for the crime. 

Sources: WOOD-TV, MailOnline