Cop Receives Slap On The Wrist For Beating Good Samaritan

| by Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

Andrew Mossberg, 50, tried to intervene in what he thought was a mugging near his South Beach, Florida, condo when he saw a man punching a woman and digging through her purse. The man turned on Mossberg, hitting him in the head repeatedly and beating him before handcuffing him.

The assailant was actually Miami Beach police officer Det. Philippe Archer, who was suspended for 160 hours for excessive force and other department violations - two years after the incident.

"Officer Archer was found to have violated several Department and City rule violations, including excessive use of force, mistreatment of a prisoner, conduct unbecoming an employee of the city, and negligence and inefficiency in the performance of his duties," Ernesto Rodriguez, an MBPD spokesman, told Miami New Times.

The woman in the incident, Megan Adamescu, sustained a swollen face and a concussion. Mossberg said Archer attacked him after he called 911 and announced he’d called the police. 

“Apparently that really infuriated him, because he rushed me, kicked me in the head, the left side of the head, and knocks me on the ground,” Mossberg told CBS4. “While I’m on the ground he punches me twice, and I’m knocked out.”

Mossberg’s attorney was unhappy with the punishment. “This officer should have been fired,” said attorney Ray Taseff. “Mr. Mossberg does the right thing and makes the right call, and he is then retaliated against by Officer Archer.”

Archer will be able serve out his suspension two days at a time over several months.

Sources: CBS4, Miami New Times Image via Miami New Times