Police: Man Hid Cocaine Inside Cookie Monster Toy (Photos)

| by Michael Howard

A Florida man was arrested during a routine traffic stop after police found more than 300 grams of cocaine hidden inside a Cookie Monster plush toy.

Monroe County Sheriff's Deputy Orey Swilley was sitting in his police cruiser shortly after midnight on July 12 when a black Dodge sped past him with its license plates obscured. The car's windows were also heavily tinted.

"The tint on the windows of the car was so dark the deputy could not see who was inside," the Monroe County Sheriff's Office wrote on Facebook.

The driver of the vehicle was 39-year-old Camus McNair.

"When McNair rolled down his window, Deputy Swilley could smell the odor of marijuana coming from inside the car," the sheriff's office wrote.

While searching the car, Swilley came across a backpack and saw that it contained a Cookie Monster plush toy. Right away he knew something was off.

"Deputy Swilley noticed the doll seemed to weigh more than it should have," the Facebook post reads. "He took a closer look and found a slit cut in the doll. Inside the doll were two packages containing what turned out to be a total of 314 grams of cocaine."

After confirming that the backpack belonged to McNair, Swilley placed him under arrest.

McNair was taken to jail and charged with cocaine trafficking and drug equipment possession, both of which are felonies. He is currently being held in lieu of $7,000 bail, reports the Miami Herald.

The Facebook post received more than 100 comments on the day it was posted, most of them humorous.

"C is for cocaine -- it's good enough for me," one user remarked, alluding to the song Cookie Monster sings on "Sesame Street."

Another commented: "At last I finally know why the cookie monster seems so hyper all the time -- it all makes sense."

Even the police cracked a couple jokes.

"Was the Cookie Monster arrested though?" someone asked.

To which the sheriff's office responded: "He cooperated and was released without charges."

Referencing the stolen 2011 Dodge Charger that was pulled from a body of water in Monroe County on July 10, one user wrote: "I heard Burt and Ernie dumped a Charger in the water the other night!"

"Is that a Crime Stoppers of the Florida Keys tip?" the sheriff's office replied.

WPLG reports that police were called to the scene at Rockland Key around 5:30 a.m. by a resident who witnessed two or three young men drive the car into the water and then flee on foot.

The vehicle's owner said she accidentally left the keys inside the car on the night of July 9. She didn't realize it had been stolen until the following morning.

Sources: MCSO - Florida Keys/Facebook, Miami Herald, WPLG / Photo credit: Nonprofit Organizations/Flickr, MCSO - Florida Keys/Facebook, Miami Herald

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