Cop Allegedly Assaults Two Men, One Woman In Honolulu Game Room (Video)

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A Honolulu cop is now on desk duty after he was caught on video allegedly assaulting two men and a woman in a game room.

Officer Vincent Morre and two other officers went to a Honolulu game room to serve a warrant, but the person they were searching for was not there.

Morre, a 9-year veteran of the force and member of the the Crime Reduction Unit, became irate and can be seen on video (below) punching one man sitting on a stool. He then kicked another man in the face and threw a chair at him. On his way out the door, he appears to shove a woman.

The video clearly shows none of Morre’s victims were resisting or threatening the officer.

He has been placed on desk duty and his police powers have been removed, Hawaii News Now reports. The federal investigation into the alleged beating continues.

According to Morre’s attorney, David Hayakawa, he has not been arrested or charged and has not been contacted by the feds.

"We have not been informed about any details on this investigation, we're standing by and waiting to determine what's next," Hayakawa told Hawaii News Now. "I'm sure that if they discover there is a basis for the case to move forward they will contact us at that point.”

The other two men, one a long time reserve police officer and the other a rookie, stood by and did nothing to stop the alleged attack. They are now under investigation by Internal Affairs for their lack of action.

Sources: Hawaii News Now (2)

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