Woman Who Killed Two Daughters Walks Free; Her Brother Demands Justice

| by Lisa Fogarty

The brother of a mother of two, who reportedly got away with murdering her own babies and is living the life of a free woman in Canada, says he is trying to do everything in his power to see that she faces the consequences for her actions, reports the Daily News.

Sarah Augustine reportedly confessed to killing her daughters, Rachel, 5, and two-month-old Sophie, when she lived on the island of Dominica with them in September 2010. Rachel had been stabbed 45 times and the infant had been stabbed 31 times. Augustine was reportedly diagnosed with post-partum psychosis and bipolar disorder, and the mother attempted suicide after she was charged with two counts of murder.

But because the court system on the Caribbean island reportedly did not know how to deal with the case because it involved mental issues, Augustine was never tried for her crimes. She was released into the custody of her brother, Dennis, who lived in Canada. When she went to live with him, Dennis reportedly signed his sister into a psychiatric hospital.

Augustine was allegedly allowed to sign herself out of the hospital two months later and, because she didn’t commit murder in Canada, authorities do not have the power to hold her against her will.

Dennis says he is trying to have his sister arrested and committed, but that his pleas with authorities in both Canada and Dominica have fallen on deaf ears.

“The scenario that haunts me the most would be that she has some kids and nobody’s the wiser and nobody checks on her and it happens all over again,” Dennis said. “I feel like it’s my responsibility. I’m not their dad, but I loved them. And I don’t know if anyone else has the stomach to do it. So I’m going to say something. And then I’ll be done with it.”

Source: Daily News

Photo Credit: DonkeyHotey/Flickr, City News Screenshot