British Man Allegedly Kills Fiancée With One Punch Over Small Argument

| by Amanda Schallert

A woman was recently killed by her fiance, who punched her in the face one time over an argument about the sort of transportation the couple should take back home.

Ryan Ingham, 26, hit and killed his would-be wife Caroline Finegan, 29, on the street after they left a pub and started arguing. Witnesses say he ran at her and delivered the blow, which broke her nose and eye socket. The injury also may have knocked Finegan’s head so far that blood vessels broke in her neck, according to the Inquisitr.

“He ran at her at a really full speed and then came into contact with and with the punch she completely fell to the ground,” said one witness. “The one thing that affects me that time – and to this day – is the way she fell to the ground. The only way I can describe it is if you had a bag of potatoes and if you drop them and they crumple….She completely collapsed into the road. He did not stop running and ran four or five steps after.”

Ingham appeared to not realize that she was dead after hitting Finegan. In his call with the dispatch, he is recorded trying to wake up his fiance and he alleged that she was “faking.”

“Hello, wakey wakey. Oi monkey, get up, look you bashed your head,” he said to Finegan. “What you doing, your belly is showing.”

When a medical team made it to the street to help Finegan, she had stopped breathing.

Witnesses say that after he hit her, Ingham brought Finegan back onto the sidewalk and shook her to try to wake her up.  

Ingham has said he may be guilty of manslaughter, but not murder. Officials are continuing to look into the case.

Source: The Inquisitr