Black Man Bloodied By Police Arrest Is Found Guilty By Virginia Judge (Video)

| by Michael Allen

A judge found an African-American man guilty today of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, which stemmed from a June 2014 incident in Petersburg, Virginia.

Devin Thomas, 19, filmed a police officer on his cell phone (video below) who approached him, asked his age and then arrested him.

A picture taken after his arrest showed Thomas bloodied as the officer led him away in handcuffs.

"I ain't happy about it," Thomas stated outside the courtroom today, noted NBC 12 (video below). "I feel like I'm innocent."

However, a police officer claimed that before Thomas began filming he (Thomas) was yelling obscenities at police on the street while they were making traffic stops.

The officer claimed Thomas refused to leave the scene after being told to several times. After Thomas did leave the scene, the officer claims he approached Thomas to arrest him.

The officer added that another cop was taken to the ground when they tried to handcuff Thomas.

None of the officer's claims were backed up on video, and Thomas' lawyer claimed that cursing was not disorderly conduct, reports WTVR.

The judge sentenced the young man to 18 months in jail, but then suspended the sentence and told Thomas to perform 80 hours of community service by April 16.

Thomas reportedly had an earlier conviction for illegally possessing a gun.

Sources: NBC 12, WTVR
Image Credit: NBC 12 Screenshot