Babysitter Who Pleaded Guilty to Assaulting Toddler Released After Spending 16 Hours in Prison

| by Lisa Fogarty

A babysitter who pleaded guilty to beating a toddler in Columbia County, Oregon was released from prison 16 hours after she was sentenced.

Crystal Nagel claims the justice system didn’t do its job and failed her son when it sentenced Natasha Kral to 10 days in the Columbia County Jail, 20 days on the sheriff’s work crew, three years of probation and a parenting class after she initially confessed to beating Paxton while he was in her care, then reportedly changed her story and said she didn’t physically abuse him, reports the Oregon Herald.

Kral, who is the toddler’s father’s fiancée, only served 16 hours of her sentence and was reportedly released the very next morning because of jail overcrowding.

A few weeks ago, Nagel, who is Kral’s cousin, says she first noticed that her little boy was unable to shut his mouth without it hurting him. She undressed him and, to her horror, discovered seven welts on his body that extended from his shoulder to the “bottom of his butt,” she said.  Nagel then called the St. Helens police department. The investigating officer wrote in his report that the welts appeared to be caused by a wooden spoon or a similar instrument.

The police instructed Nagel to take her son to the emergency room, where a doctor confirmed that Paxton had been physically abused.

“I was just in shock,” Nagel said. “I didn’t know what to think.”

Nagel says her son is a “completely different child” now who is in therapy and has to be reminded not to treat others the way he has been treated.

Kral pleaded guilty to third degree felony assault on July 9 because, Columbia County District Attorney Steve Atchison explained, “the other options, child neglect and endangering the welfare of a child, don’t cover physical abuse,” reports Inquisitr.

But Kral, who has other children – including a 3-month-old – who are in the state’s custody, now claims she only entered a guilty plea because her attorney told her it would “speed the process up.”

“I deny 100 percent that I did not use anything to hit him,” Kral said. “I’m a good mom. I love Paxton dearly with all my heart and this is just an unfortunate event.”

Sources: Oregon Herald, Inquisitr