Florida's Notoriously Hard-Partying Retirement Community 'The Villages' Has Yet Another Public Sex Incident

| by Jonathan Wolfe

Another couple from the nation’s largest retirement community has been arrested for having sex in public. James Adams, 47, and Charm Gilbert, 40, were found naked and having sex on an electrical box at The Villages, a Florida retirement community with roughly 55,000 residents. Why are two people under the age of 50 living in a retirement community? Good question. Florida is a strange place.

Police arrived at The Villages and found Adams “fully naked exposing his penis” and Gilbert lying on the electrical box “with her legs wide open.”

When questioned by police, the couple said they were having sex in public because they didn’t have anywhere else to go. Adams lives less than one mile from where they were found. Both were arrested and charged with indecent exposure and disturbing the peace. They were later released on $1,500 bail each.

Of course, this kind of story should almost be expected out of The Villages. A Daily Mail investigation earlier this year found that the community is essentially one big college party for seniors.

The Daily Mail sent a reporter to The Villages to observe and interview members of the community. The reporter came back with some ridiculous findings, including:

- The Villages sports a 10-1 female-to-male ratio.

- There is a thriving black market for Viagra in the community.

-  Dozens of elderly couples have been caught having sex in public

- There is fierce competition amongst women for men in the community. One resident says that if you “turn your back for a minute someone will try to steal your husband. With 10 women to every man, you can’t afford to let your guard slip.”

- A recent party at a bar in the community turned into “a full-blown orgy” according to a bartender working the event.

- The community has one of the highest STD rates in the nation, with more confirmed cases of Herpes than the entire city of Miami.

Florida, man. It's a weird place. I’m guessing people will have pretty polarized reactions to this. Half will be disgusted, and half are already on the phone seeing if the community has any openings.

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