Alleged Gang Member Kevin Patrick Smith Nabbed On Bank Robbery Charge

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Although you might not think of gang members as being the kind of people that have to-do lists, apparently that is not the case. When an FBI SWAT team arrested alleged Westies gang member, Kevin Patrick Smith, outside his apartment building on the Upper East Side, they found a list with the words “rob bank” written on it in his home after they searched it. Smith was headed out to rob a bank in New Paltz at the time of his arrest.

The FBI became aware of Smith’s plan because his accomplice in the planned robbery was an FBI informant. While the two planned the robbery, the informant made recordings which he then handed over to the feds.

Part of Smith’s plan apparently involved hiring a livery cab to drive him to New Paltz, a trip that Midtown-based GroundLink Car and Limo Service said would have cost $530, including a tip. Smith, 56, was going to pick up a .44 Magnum handgun and the accomplice on his way north, the New York Post reported.

“Smith explained that he needed cash to pay off debts, including money owed to his lawyer, credit cards and rent,” FBI Agent Michael Powers wrote in the criminal complaint. Smith was charged with one count of attempted bank robbery, which carries up to 25 years in prison.

When he was arrested, Smith had a bag that contained a black T-shirt, three pairs of gloves and a key.

The Westies are known as an Irish-American gang that has traditionally operated out of Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen. After ceasing operations in the late 1980s, it has been reported that the gang resumed activities last year.

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