Alabama Man Accused of Raping A Mother and 8-Year-Old Daughter Captured in Florida

| by Lisa Fogarty

A man who has been accused of raping a mother and her 8-year-old daughter at their home in Alabama last Thursday night was captured and arrested in Florida on Monday.

David Pitts, 44, is suspected of waiting, armed with a gun and knife, inside of the mother’s house in Ozark while she and her daughter were out. When they arrived home, he allegedly kidnapped them and drove them to a desolate area, reports Huffington Post. Once there, police say he raped the mother and sexually assaulted her daughter in front of her. He reportedly kept the two captive until the next day.

Police were unable to find the Alabama man until they received an anonymous call Monday from someone who said he spotted Pitts seeking treatment for an injury at Bethesda Hospital East in South Florida, reports the Daily News.

The suspect will be extradited back to Alabama, where he faces charges of rape, kidnapping, sexual abuse, theft and burglary.

The mother and daughter, though traumatized, are “doing well,” according to Ozark Police Chief Tony Spivey.

Sources: Huffington Post, Daily News

Photo Credit: Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office