16-Year-Old Girl Told Family She 'Wanted To Dissect Someone' Before Decapitating Teen

| by Sarah Fruchtnicht

A Japanese schoolgirl who is accused of decapitating a 15-year-old classmate “practiced” by torturing and cutting the heads off animals, police say.

The parents of the unnamed 16-year-old suspect tried to get their daughter admitted to a psychiatric hospital before the attack, but they were turned away because the facility was full. Her family told doctors that the teen admitted she “wanted to dissect someone.” The hospital asked the family to call back in a week.

After the girl allegedly attacked her father with a baseball bat, he rented a small apartment in Sasebo for her to live in alone. There she continued to torture and kill animals, according to authorities.

In July, 15-year-old Aiwa Matsuo was found dead in the suspect’s bedroom. Her head and her left hand were severed.

A severed cat head was found in the girl’s refrigerator. About $10,000 in cash was also found. Investigators believe the suspect’s father was giving her money to support herself. Her father had recently remarried. Her mother died of cancer last year.

Police say the suspect admitted to killing her friend but has not explained her motive.

The day before the murder, her parents consulted a psychiatrist about her behavior, but they were again told the facility was full and they could not admit her.

Sources: Daily Mail3 News

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons / Jim Epler,