13-Year-Old Rape Victim Harassed by Fellow Students Defending 18-Year-Old Accused Rapists

| by Michael Allen

The country was shocked after a 16-year-old girl in Steubenville, Ohio, was harassed and even threatened following the rape conviction of two high school football players who assaulted her.

But now it appears history is repeating itself at Torrington High School in Torrington, Connecticut.

The 13-year-old victim of an alleged sexual assault has been bullied by athletes and students from Torrington High School.

According to the Mercury News, two high school football players, Edgar Gonzalez and Joan Toribio, both 18, have been arrested on charges of felony second-degree sexual assault and other crimes.

“If you look at crime statistics these things happen everywhere and we’re not any different than any other community,” claimed Torrington High School Athletic Director Mike McKenna.

The Register Citizen found evidence on social media that dozens of athletes and students have harassed the rape victim, accusing her of “ruining the lives” of the football players.

“Even if it was all his fault, what was a 13 year old girl doing hanging around 18 year old guys..” said a Twitter user with the handle, @LoryyRamirez. That was reposted 11 times and received six favorites.

@AyooWilliam tweeted, “You destroyed two people’s life.”

“I wanna know why there’s no punishment for young hoes,” asked @asmedick. That comment was reposted three times.

Amazingly, Gonzalez, the high school team’s second-highest scorer, was allowed to continue playing even after being charged with felony robbery and assault.

“As a coach, I was doing something right,” said former Head Coach Dan Dunaj. “If you didn’t give the kid a chance then who’s going to?”

Source: Register Citizen and Mercury News