11-Year-Old Responsible For A Fifth Of The Crime In His Town Set Free

| by Sean Kelly

An 11-year-old boy was forgiven for the crimes he committed in his hometown after a judge determined he realized he was wrong. While his mother appreciated the court taking it easy on him, she reportedly still blames the local government for his crimes. She apparently thinks a lack of school funding played a role in his extracurricular activities.

The boy was most recently accused of exposing himself Carphone Warehouse store, as well as abusing customers with foul language at a coffee shop. He was also reportedly accused of arson and committing violent acts. When he arrived in court, the boy reportedly grinned as the prosecutor summarized the offenses he committed.

“The offences [sic] took place on the 11 November last year at around 3.30 pm at the Townsend retail park in Shepton Mallet,” prosecutor Judith Morris said. “[He] was there, he walked into Costa Coffee and shouted various swear words when inside. 'In the store was mostly mums [sic] with children or elderly people.

“They were alarmed and distressed. After running out, a few minutes later he was outside a Carphone Warehouse. An 11-year-old girl was there. He called to get her attention and then he pulled down his trousers and pants exposing his genitals. She went home and told her mother.”

The young boy, according to authorities, had single-handedly caused the crime rate in his village to “soar” following a string of offenses, including the two most recent incidents. In fact, he was reportedly responsible for as much as a fifth of the crime in his town. 

The boy pleaded guilty to eight charges, including threatening behavior, violence against a person and arson. The court ultimately decided to allow the boy to put his crimes “behind him” after his solicitor said he was a “nice, well behaved boy.”

“I’m sure now it has all taken place you can appreciate how frightened people were. You realise [sic] that is wrong,” David Phillips said in court. “We have heard consistently you are an intelligent boy. In terms of age, you are. You will now be given and opportunity to put this behind you.”

The boy’s grandfather blamed his grandson’s behavior on a recent reunion with his father, who had been previously absent from his life. His mother, however, blamed a lack of school funding for his crimes.

“For me as a mother this stress is awful. There’s no anger management, no counseling. It has been awful,” she said. “There’s limited school support. That’s why it’s taken so long - lack of funding.”

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