Man Shoots His Son, Is Then Killed By 11-Year-Old Grandson

| by Lisa Fogarty

An 11-year-old boy shot and killed his grandfather at a mobile home in North Carolina on Monday evening after the patriarch of the family reportedly shot at the boy’s father – his own son – with a 22-caliber pistol, reports CNN.

Lloyd Woodlief, 84, was allegedly shot once with a 12-gauge shotgun and “died shortly thereafter” at his home, according to a sheriff. Woodlief’s grandson has been accused of pulling the trigger and police say he was motivated to do so after his grandfather shot at 49-year-old Lloyd Peyton Woodlief. The boy’s father is being treated at Duke Medical Center in Durham.

Police from the Vance County Sheriff’s Office responded to calls about a domestic dispute at around 7 p.m. When they arrived at the home, they found the boy and his father and grandfather, who had already been shot.

An investigation is ongoing and the reason for the dispute is still unknown. Charges are pending, but the sheriff did not specify who will be charged and what the charges will be.

Source: CNN