1-Year-Old Dies After Being Left In Van, Day Care Employees Arrested

| by Tony Tran

Tragedy struck in Baton Rouge when a child died after being left in a car at an unlicensed day care center on Friday.

Two employees of the facility have been arrested in regards to the death of the child.

Shelia Newman, 47, and April Wright, 26, were arrested after 1-year-old Angel Green was discovered after hours of being locked and forgotten in a van. They have been charged with negligent homicide after the child died.

Newman was reportedly the owner of the day care. She was also charged with obstruction of justice after she told Wright to lie about where they found the child, telling her to say they found Green in the backyard. She was even told to pour water on the back steps to make it appear as though they cleaned up vomit.

Newman had lost her day care license for “problems with ratio of children to attendants” recently. Despite this, she continued to run a day care center where Wright and herself cared for at least 15 children.

Green was discovered in the van two hours after the two caretakers drove the 15 children to lunch. Upon returning, they thought that all of the children were out of the car, according to the affidavits for their arrest.

Newman drove the van again to pick up two more kids and later left to run errands after dropping the two off. It was not until after the second trip that they realized the 1-year-old was missing, the Advocate reports.

Green was found unresponsive in the car.

On the day of the incident, Baton Rouge reached 92 degrees Fahrenheit.

Green was taken to a fire station down the street before she was moved to Our Lady of the Lake Hospital where she later died.

Green had a core temperature of 108 degrees, according to the Advocate.

In 2014 alone, 30 children throughout the country died due to heatstroke after being left in hot cars by caretakers, according to research compiled by California meteorologist Jan Null

Source: The Advocate, WAFB 

Photo Credit: WAFB