Couple's Prom Photos With Tornado Go Viral (Photos)

| by Sheena Vasani

One young Colorado couple’s prom photos taken with a tornado May 7 have captured international attention.

The Facebook photo features a smiling Wray High School freshman Ali Marintzer and her boyfriend Charlie Bator posing together while a tornado visibly forms behind in the background.

Mother Heidi Marintzer quickly took the photo after she felt confident the tornado was about three miles away -- far enough not to hurt her family, the Daily Mail reports.

Ali also took a Snapchat selfie with the tornado later.

"Selfie ft. Tornado #prom2k16," Ali captioned the selfie.

“Our pic together was after it died down a little,” Ali wrote on Facebook, referring to the photo her mother took.

Despite the fact the twister eventually injured five people, Wray High School decided not to cancel their prom, although they delayed it by 45 minutes so everybody could safely arrive, the Daily Mail notes.

Tornadoes are expected to continue to affect the area with a possible chance of hail on May 9.

Yet unusual prom experiences are far more common than many might think, Jezebel reports.

In one particularly rough incident, an unidentified girl discovered she was allergic to shellfish on her prom day.

"As I started to scratch my neck I felt a lump about the size of an egg at the base of my skull," the girl wrote to Jezebel. "It was also at about this point that all of my friends noticed that I was the color of a tomato."

She was forced to go to the hospital shortly after.

“Suffice to say, I had a pretty hefty crowd (practically the entire Junior and Senior class) watch as I blew up like a red balloon and had to be carted out on a stretcher in front of everyone," she wrote. "When I got to the hospital I got to have my beautiful, expensive dress cut off of me and I spent the rest of the night hooked up to IVs as my friends danced the night away.”

In a more disturbing story, one former high school student recalled a prom tainted by recent allegations regarding the teacher in charge. The teacher, who had reportedly won the "Favorite Teacher" award several times, had allegedly been involved in sexual misconduct with a student.

He resigned weeks before the prom and reportedly took all the funds designated for the prom. He later pleaded guilty to the sexual misconduct charge.

“The whole evening had an unspoken dirtiness to it,” the student wrote.

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