Couple Celebrates 72nd Wedding Anniversary, Gives Advice To Newlyweds

| by Emily Smith

After 72 years of marriage, Florida residents Doris and Francis Vanderslice are still going strong and have offered their advice on how to make a lasting marriage.

The two originally met in middle school and immediately clicked, as Doris recalled.

“When I saw him coming in the room, I said ‘mmm mmm,’” she said. “And I’m still saying it.”

The couple never had children, though Doris was a kindergarten teacher for 38 years. Since their marriage, they’ve enjoyed doing the same things – traveling the world and going to restaurants.

In honor of the couple’s 72nd wedding anniversary, Francis brought out an old can he had saved from their wedding day. It had apparently bounced on the back of his car along with a set of other cans for 60 miles.

When Francis revealed the can, Doris was shocked.

“I never knew he was so romantic!” Doris said.

When asked to give advice to newlyweds, Doris suggested that couples do things together and make decisions together.

Sources: The Huffington Post, WESH