Anonymous Thank-You Letter Left On Police Sergeant's Car

| by Michael Howard

The Fort Worth Police Officers Association is working to identify the person who left a note on one of their squad cars.

In the hand-written note, which was pinned to a sergeant's patrol car on Sept. 26, someone calling themselves "Maddison W." expressed gratitude for the officer's service and prayed for his or her safety, according to KDFW.

On Sept. 27, the Fort Worth Police Officers Association uploaded an image of the letter to Facebook, along with a request for Maddison to privately contact them. Here's what the letter said:

To whoever drives this squad car,

Thank you. I am in awe that there are people like you who choose to get up and put on your uniform everyday. You are courageous, you are faithful, and I pray that my kids grow up to be like the kind of person it takes to be you just a few hours a day.

Whoever you are, I pray for you every day and for men and women just like you. I pray you and your family is protected, but most of all that you are blessed for the work you do.

There is a God who adores you. He died for you and HE is so proud of you.

Keep on keepin’ on.

Maddison W.

The Facebook post has since been liked over 890 times, with users expressing thanks to Maddison for taking the time to write the note.

This is the second time in less than two weeks that Fort Worth police have received a thank-you letter from a private citizen. On Sept. 15, officers responded to a letter written by 6-year-old Sammy Daneman by letting the first-grader sit inside a squad car and use the radio.

"It was pretty cool," Daneman told KDFW. "They put me in the passenger seat, and I got to talk on the radio, and I did the siren."

The 6-year-old's letter, in which he thanks the police for protecting his family and friends, was part of a school assignment.

Sources: KDFW (2), Fort Worth Police Officers Association/Facebook / Photo credit: Luca Venturi/Flickr, The Fort Worth Police Officers Association/Facebook

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