Colorado Man Suffers Third Degree Burns After Flashlight Explodes In His Mouth

| by Jonathan Constante

A Colorado man suffered third degree burns to his lip, tongue and throat after he says a flashlight inexplicably exploded in his mouth.

Christopher Reid Carrington is the handyman around the house. He was looking for tools in the trunk of his car while holding a flashlight in his mouth when he says the flashlight exploded and blood started gushing from his mouth.

“I heard a loud pop and a really bright flash,” Carrington told USA Today. “Both lips were completely charred and black. I was bleeding all over the place.”

Carrington couldn’t speak due to his injuries but luckily his 7-year-old son was home and called 911. Carrington was then rushed to the University of Colorado Hospital's Intensive Care Burn Unit.

The doctors informed Carrington he suffered third degree burns to his lip, tongue and throat. He spent four days in the hospital with a tube down his throat so he could breathe.

Although the burns are expected to heal within a month, Carrington’s vocal cords may be permanently damaged and doctors say he might lose his sense of taste.

The medical team is stumped as to how the flashlight could have just exploded the way it did. Engineers are investigating the flashlight to figure out what went wrong.

“I mean it’s pretty rare,” Carrington added. “Some people win the lottery and some people have a flashlight blow up in their mouth.”

Source: The Daily MailUSA Today / Photo Credit: Facebook via The Daily Mail