Podesta: Trump Is 'Impetuous' And 'Unfit For Office'

| by Lauren Briggs

A number of former Hillary Clinton supporters have urged Americans to give President Donald Trump a chance. Her former campaign chairman, however, is taking a different approach.

In an interview with Global Politico, former chairman John Podesta called Trump "unfit for office" and said that the administration has "a complete disregard for the truth," all the while expressing a measured hope that Clinton's former rival has a premature exit from the White House.

"The problem in the Trump White House is they have no one who really stands up to him,” Podesta told Politico. "He's impetuous, he's impulsive, he fires things off and, if anything, they enable him rather than trying to contain what are moves that in any other context would seem, you know, absolutely crazy … If they're going to try to right this place and be able to be effective, I think they need a much stronger team who can resist his impulses and tell him that he's wrong."

But so far, Republican leaders in the White House and Congress are going to work with Trump and will not "begin to turn on him at this point" outside of any extenuating circumstances, said Podesta.

"I think [GOP leaders in Congress] have concluded that their only chance of getting tax reform or repealing Obamacare is to stick with Trump," added the former Bill Clinton-era White House worker. "And they'll take the consequences. But I think they're empowering him in their decision to Velcro their own political fate to his, and it could mean that in the midterm elections, they pay a healthy price for that."

Podesta called it "really laughable" and wrong for Trump to fire former FBI Director James Comey "because of his interference which damaged Hillary Clinton," even though the former chairman, whose emails were hacked and released via WikiLeaks, has criticized the bureau for the way that it handled Hillary Clinton's investigation and even said in the past that "there are … forces within the FBI that wanted [Clinton] to lose" the election, according to Tech Crunch.

Podesta also told Politico that Clinton is "done" running for president.

"We bear responsibility, and it's a great burden, and I feel it every day," he added. "I mean, we lost this election; we won the popular vote by 3 million votes, but we lost the Electoral College and lost the election to Donald Trump. So, we have a burden of his having the keys to the White House, and you know, codes to the nuclear football."

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