City Councilman Matt Staniszewski Uses Transit Alert System To Call College Friend ‘Gay’

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Washington, Pa., City Councilman Matt Staniszewski used the city's transit alert system to inform subscribers that his friend from college, Bryan, "is gay.” He claims that he didn’t know that the system was live when he sent the message.

Mayor Brenda Davis said that the councilman’s actions were "completely inappropriate and unprofessional coming from an elected official." Staniszewski made things even worse for himself by telling other council members that he used the word “gay” because "we all know that the word means happy."

According to Gawker, late night host Jimmy Kimmel praised Staniszewski’s excuse, saying that it was a great one "if you're in the fourth grade."

Staniszeweski is sticking by his flimsy defense. He has even released a statement about the mayor’s reaction to his excuse. According to the councilman’s statement, it was "offensive and unprofessional for the mayor to automatically assume one definition of the word when there are multiple definitions."

Staniszeweski also tried to explain his use of the system, saying he thought it was “still in a testing environment" and that he "was not aware" it was live.

Thie incident may cause some other problems for Staniszewski. Apparently he is on the board of directors for nTouch Inc., the company contracted to provide the city's transit authority with IT services. The mayor now believes the councilman's stake in the company's financial success is something that should be examined.

Source: (Gawker)