Chris Illuminati Shares Life As Stay-At-Home Dad By Writing Funny Post-Its

| by Khier Casino

Writer and stand-up comedian Chris Illuminati found a humorous way to deal with being a full-time stay-at-home dad: write Post-it notes.

The New Jersey writer quit his job on May 19, 2010 to take care of his newly born son Evan, who is now almost four.

When he first started out on his endeavor, Illuminati jotted down what he needed to remember on one Post-it note as a joke: "Feed baby, change baby, don't feed baby to the cat, etc."

“As a reminder of everything going on with my writing, I leave Post-It Notes around my office as reminders,” Illuminati said. “I decided to incorporate those same organizational principles while watching my son.”

Soon, Illuminati was leaving Post-it notes all around the house, chronicling the daily endeavors of raising a child with his wife. He also writes them to remind himself of what to do, and sometimes more importantly, what not to do when raising children.

"I thought it would be funny to write wise-ass (can I say that?) things on them," Illuminati explained to The Huffington Post via e-mail.

The 36-year-old started posting the Post-its on his Tumblr, Message With A Bottle.

He now has many thousands of fans also following along on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, mostly fellow parents who share Illuminati's experiences through his notes.

"There are hundreds of thousands of parents out there just like me," he says. "Parenting sucks a good majority of the time, but we all accept that fact, and move on with our lives. I've also learned NO MATTER WHAT I DO I'm screwing up my kid in some way. So I stopped trying to be perfect."

Giving him more Post-it note material is his nine-month old daughter, Lyla. On a sonogram photo, Illuminati wrote on a Post-it note: “Going to need more Post-its.”

Check out more of Illuminati’s Post-its on his personal blog, Message With A Bottle.