Chinese Crowd To Suicidal Hostage-Taker: 'Get On With It, We Don't Have All Day' (Video)

| by Sarah Fruchtnicht

When a Chinese man took his cousin hostage at knifepoint outside a KFC in southern China’s Chongqing city, the crowd that gathered around him had little patience for theatrics.

Gong Tseng, 30, allegedly took his cousin Cui Meng, 29, hostage in the middle of a family dispute.

At some point while he was being held, Meng called their grandfather on his cellphone.

“The man who seized me is my cousin and I was calling our grandfather to make him let me go,” Meng later explained.

During a two-hour standoff, Tseng let his cousin go and turned the knife on himself.

One spectator shouted, "Come on, we're fed up with waiting.”

“Get on with it, we don't have all day,” another reportedly yelled.

Tseng eventually dropped the knife and was arrested. He was charged with hostage-taking and grievous bodily harm, the Daily Mail reported.

No injuries were reported.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Telegraph

Image screenshot: DailyMail