Chinese Couple Doesn't Make It Down Aisle After Bride-To-Be Shows Up With 'Old Face' (Photos)

| by Khier Casino

A bride-to-be in China wanted to see if her fiancé would still love her when she is old by showing up to their wedding photo shoot with an “old face,” but it didn’t go quite as planned.

A heated argument broke out between the couple when the woman arrived on Dongmen Old Street in Shenzhen wearing makeup that made her look 70 years old, according to the Daily Mail.

She applied the makeup on purpose to test if her boyfriend would still be committed to her as they grew old, telling reporters that he was a philanderer and used to see other women on the side.

According to Shanghaist, when asked why she wanted to marry him, the bride-to-be said that it was "Because he really treats me very well.”

In addition to being a womanizer, the would-be-groom didn’t have a sense of humor about it, telling her to remove her makeup.

When she refused, he threw a fit and walked away, leaving the woman crying in the street, NetEase reports.

The bizarre event drew the attention of a large crowd, with some speculating if the whole thing may have been part of an elaborate publicity stunt.

It is unclear whether the two still plan to marry.

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