Childhood Friends Find Out They're Brothers 60 Years After Losing Contact (Photos)

| by Dominic Kelly

Two Canadian men were shocked to discover that they were actually brothers after first becoming friends in school over 60 years ago.

72-year-old Duncan Cumming and 71-year-old Ron Cole remember meeting in school when they were just kids, and a picture snapped of them at the beach at ages 11 and 12 prove that they had a close friendship. After a few years of becoming close companions, the two, who both happened to be adopted, lost contact when Cole moved away with his family.

Now, 60 years later, Cumming and Cole have arranged to reunite after they both were contacted by Parent Finders Ottawa, who informed them that they were brothers.

“We were chums in public school for about two or three years, not knowing that we were brothers,” said Cumming to The National Post. “It’s unbelievable.”

Duncan Cumming, 72 (above) and Ron Cole, 71 (below)

Oddly enough, Cole says that days before receiving the call, he was moving around some papers near his desk when he stumbled upon the beach picture of he and Cumming as kids.

“I was moving them to get them out of the way. I dropped them, and out fell this picture of Duncan,” said Cole. “I looked at this and I thought, ‘Why did I save this picture? What is this?’”

Reports say that the two were raised within blocks of each other, before Cole moved away, and both sets of parents had no idea that the two were actually brothers.

Sources: TheBlaze, The National Post