Teen Leaves Baby On The Street Because He Looks Too Much Like His Father

| by Jonathan Wolfe

18-year-old Chicago resident Ana Rosa Mora was arrested on Friday after authorities discovered she stuffed her newborn child in a plastic bag and left the baby to die in an alleyway. The child was dead by the time police discovered it.

Mora, still a high school student, raised eyebrows amongst staff at her school last week as teachers and administrators congratulated her on giving birth. Though she had a picture of a baby that she claimed was hers, she reportedly seemed very concerned about the child that police had found outside of her apartment. She repeatedly asked if police had the right to test the DNA of the apartment’s residents in order to find the parents.

When a police officer stationed at Mora’s school congratulated her on giving birth, she told the officer her child was six months old. Several staff members who knew this wasn’t the case grew skeptical of Mora, and reported their suspicions to the police. Police opened an investigation against her.

Though she initially denied it, Mora eventually admitted that the abandoned child was hers. She told police she ditched the baby because it too closely resembled her ex-boyfriend, who was in fact the child’s father. She feared her new boyfriend would be angered by the resemblance.

Police determined the baby died from asphyxia. The placenta and umbilical cord were in the bag as well.

On Saturday, Judge Laura Marie Sullivan ordered Mora to be held on $500,000 bond. She has been charged with first degree murder.

Sources: Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News