Cheryn Scaggs Leaves Two Toddlers in Car While she Gets Drunk

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A mother was arrested after she left her children, ages one and four, in her car while she got drunk at a bar in Florida.

Cheryn Scaggs, 30, drank heavily at Shotz sports bar between midnight and 2am on Monday.

The children were sleeping in her car in the parking lot during this time.

It was only when she asked for help getting home that customers and staff noticed her children were left in the car asleep.

As a crowd gathered around the car, an officer noticed the commotion and went in to help.

Officials say the car was not running.

That night, temperatures dropped to the low 30s and Scaggs did not leave the heat in the car on.

The young girls were taken to a hospital but did not have any injuries or problems.

James Cox, Scaggs’ brother, was called to pick up the two girls.

He told WKMG that she was being irresponsible.

“I was available,” he said. “If she really had to go out that bad she could have came to me.”

The owner of the bar said, “We feel fortunate that this situation was discovered before this woman was able to leave, which led to her subsequent arrest. We pray that these children will be placed in safe care.”

She is currently in jail on $10,000 bond.