See What Was Inside The Century-Old Time Capsule (Photos)

| by Dominic Kelly

The oldest time capsule in the world was opened by the New York Historical Society this week, and the contents provided some insight into the state of the world at that time.

The time capsule, which was created in 1914, was originally supposed to be opened in 1974, but those responsible forgot that it existed as the year came and went. Now, 100 years after it was made, the New York Historical Society has finally opened the capsule.

Inside of the bronze time capsule were mostly newspapers, journals and catalogues, and financial records. In addition, the time capsule featured an almanac from 1914 as well as a copy of the book “History and Reminiscences of Lower Wall Street and Vicinity” by Abram Wakeman, who seemed to help spearhead the project originally.

(via Mashable/Luke Leonard)

“Abram Wakeman believed that newspapers give us the true history,” said Nick Yablon, an associate professor of American Studies at the University of Iowa.

(via Mashable/Luke Leonard)

The New York Historical Society also has started creating a brand new time capsule with help from teen historians who interned at the society over the summer.

The new time capsule is scheduled to be opened up in 2114 – that is, as long as nobody forgets about it.

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Photo source: Mashable/Luke Leonard