Cat Attacks Owner, Sends Three to Hospital

| by Emily Smith

Three members of a Roseville, California family were taken to the hospital Tuesday after their cat became aggressive and attacked them.

The cat clawed its owner’s face, the legs of the owner’s mother and left deep gashes in the legs of the owner’s brother. All three were treated for superficial wounds.

“He’s never been an aggressive cat,” the owner, who chose not to be identified, said. “He just flipped.”

When the family called police, the police directed the call first to animal control, which was closed, and then to the fire department.

Fire Captain Derek Carey called the event a first for his team.

"We tried to push it into a cage,” Carey said, “and it grabbed on to my engineer's boot and turnout bottom and was hissing and going off."

Firefighters eventually threw a fire blanket on the cat and lured it into a cage with a metal pole.

The cat was taken to SPCA.

Sources: WTSP, The Huffington Post