'Operation Puppy Rescue Complete': California Firefighters Rescue Puppy From Pipe

| by Emily Smith

A California puppy is reportedly in good condition after falling 50 feet down an old well casing and being rescued by firefighters.

Timmy, the puppy, reportedly dropped into the uncovered metal pipe on Tuesday in a Fresno garage, according to Fresno Fire Department spokesperson Peter Martinez.

The pipe was about 8 inches in diameter. It took one hour for firefighters to recover the dog, but the little dog was likely in the pipe for hours before his family heard his cries.

“Operation puppy rescue complete,” the Fresno Fire Department tweeted. “Engine 15 did a great job and was very patient in getting this little guy out.”

The firefighters reported that they simply used a utility rope, made a loop at the end and pulled the puppy out. However, they did call Timmy a “little trouble maker.”

It’s unclear how Timmy fell into the pipe since it was reportedly covered with cardboard and a brick.

The pipe has since been re-covered. 

Sources: DailyMail, Fresno Bee 

Photo Credit: John Walker/The Fresno Bee