California Cops Beat And Stun Gun Man (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Two police officers were recently caught on video apparently beating and using a stun gun on an unidentified man who allegedly honked at them for blocking a driveway in Rialto, California.

An unidentified woman who filmed the police (video below — warning: contains strong language) wrote on her YouTube page: "More police brutality from RIALTO PD despite their mandatory cameras. When does it STOP?"

During the video, the woman pleads for the officers to stop, but they appear to repeatedly use the stun gun and beat the man on the ground.

The woman told The Free Thought that the man honked his horn at the police because they were blocking a driveway.

The video doesn't show what happened before the incident and the Rialto Police Department has not issued a statement yet.

Warning: Contains strong language

Sources: YouTube, The Free Thought Project  Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot