California Community Angered Over "530 Fatties" Cyberbullying Page

| by Jonathan Wolfe

Members of the Yuba-Sutter, California, community are upset today after discovering a Facebook page shaming fat people from the region. 

The page, titled “530 Fatties,” posted pictures of overweight people from the Yuba-Sutter area without their permission.

A number of people from the area were angered to discover they were being shamed publicly on the page.

"It's really hurtful, and it's really embarrassing," resident Jessi Lynn Howell told CBS. "I know it's probably someone from around here, and whoever it is, they need to stop because that's ridiculous."

Howell recently lost over 50 pounds.

Resident Kari Rae Lovell was also shocked to find herself on the page. She commented on a picture of her and her aunts, saying she planned to report the site to police.

"Wow I'm in this pic so is my aunts and u guys will be sued and the police will be after the creator of this page," she wrote.

Lovell later updated her post to say that she did, in fact, report the page to local police.

The site was taken down, but it’s still not clear who was behind it. Howell says she hopes the negative attention the site received deters people from creating similar sites in the future.

“Cyberbullying — bullying period — it needs to stop,” she said. “It needs to stop. So I’m going to be a voice today for those people that dont have that voice.”

Sources: CBS, New York Daily News