Deputy Hugs Mother After Daughter Dies In Car Accident

| by Jonathan Constante

Three people were found dead after a car crash that wasn’t discovered until the following morning.

The crash occurred near Granite Falls in Washington on March 10, WSB-TV reported. Snohomish County Sheriff’s Lt. Rodney Rochon said the car was so hidden, it wasn’t discovered until the following morning by a man who was walking his son to school.

Two women and a man were killed in the accident. Their names have not been released, but the victims were deeply loved by their families.

At the scene of the crash, Rochon held the mother of one of the victims after breaking the news. A news reporter posted a photo of the touching moment on her Facebook page, and it garnered over 17,000 likes and 5,000 shares in three days.

“I’ve had other fatalities, and yes, you have damage, but this one, the car is considerably smaller than what its original configuration was,” Rochon told WSB-TV.

The vehicle was so damaged that emergency services had to shut down Mountain Loop Highway and use the Jaws of Life to extract the people inside.

Jerome Kummerfeldt, who lives near the scene of the crash, said this isn’t the first time an accident like this has occurred. His neighbor’s husband also died in a one-car crash that was camouflaged by the woods.

“Just went off the road, and they didn’t find him until the next day,” Kummerfeldt said.

Still, Rochon believes a quicker response wouldn’t have helped in this case.

"Solely based on the observation, it was a non-survivable crash,” Rochon said.

According to the Washington State Department of Transportation, there have been 39 wrecks on the highway since March 2013.

Sources: WSB-TV, Joanna Small/Facebook / Photo Credit: Joanna Small/Facebook

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