Burning Man Organizer Plans ‘Bundyfest’ to Mock Rancher Cliven Bundy (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Sean Shealy, one of the organizers of the annual Burning Man festival, is planning an "anything goes" event in honor of Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher who claims that federal law doesn't apply to him or his cattle, which have been grazing on federal land for the past twenty years.

Shealy says in a recently released video (below) that this new event, dubbed "Bundyfest," will take place near Bundy’s ranch in Bunkerville, Nev., from Sept. 5 until Oct. 5, noted

Shealy recalled how Burning Man has obeyed various laws and rules, which won't apply at Bundyfest.

“Some people have asked me, where will we camp, where will we park?” Shealy stated. “Anywhere, really. It’s f------ anarchy ... I do want to mention that we're clothing-optional and gay-friendly.”

"I should mention there are not going to be any bathroom facilities there, umm, you're free to let it all hang out right there, just like Bundy’s cattle, right there in the Virgin River, if you want to. You're better than cows, aren't you?" added Shealy.

Shealy then pretended to weep over Bundy's "sacrifice of himself" and added, "We owe this man all of the freedom that we have."

Shealy said he expects 50,000 people to show up, including the Hell's Angels and Gay Men's Choir.

He has created a Facebook page for the event, which states:

Come celebrate TOTAL FREEDOM at BUNDYFEST, just across the road from the Cliven Bundy Ranch, in Bunkerville, Nevada! 240 bands, 24 hours a day, for a SOLID ROCKIN' MONTH!!!!

*PENIS ERECTION CONTEST: Erect the largest penis in the open desert, win valuable prize! (tbd)

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