Burn Victim Struts Down The Catwalk To Reveal Brand New Face (Video)

| by Dominic Kelly

A 28-year-old woman who was viciously set on fire is finally taking off her protective mask more than two years and 30 procedures later.

In February 2012, a jealous woman set Dana Vulin on fire in what has been deemed a premeditated attack to “ruin her pretty face.” For 30 months, Vulin has been forced to wear a mask in public because the scarring from her burns was so significant, and now, after more than 30 procedures to fix her face, she has finally revealed her new look.

Recently, Vulin decided to reveal her new face to the public by strutting the catwalk at the West Australian Ballet Centre.

“If I could turn back time and not be burnt or had the chance to not have my scars of course I would take it but if someone were to ask me how I feel about my body - I am damn proud of it,” said Vulin. “I have worked so hard on it and I figured if I'm going to be burnt - I'm going to have a shit hot rig. I hope [people will] see strength, power, confidence, self respect, courage, determination - and I hope they see the scars because it's a part of me now and they see a new Dana. I am who I am and this is it.”

In addition to revealing her stunning new face, Vulin is also speaking openly about her latest struggle – cervical cancer.

“I just couldn't believe that, dealing with so much at once, there were times where I thought how much can one person deal with?” said Vulin of finding out about her diagnosis. “There is so much I've had to deal with but you just have to do what you have to do.”

Thankfully, Vulin underwent a procedure recently to get rid of the cancer, and now she’s reportedly free of disease.

“I am a strong person, and more than anything that I've learnt in my burn is that I will never change and I know the person I am, and I'm confident in the woman that I am,” said Vulin.

Meanwhile, her attacker is attempting to appeal her 17-year prison sentence.

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