Teen Starts Massive Fire Trying to Prove He's a Good Scout

| by Allison Geller

Edward Hawkins, 14, accidentally burned down his father’s shed and landed himself in the hospital with 3rd-degree burns when he tried to prove that he could light a fire.

The Daily Mail reports that Hawkins had been mocked by his fellow Scouts on a recent trip when he couldn’t light a fire. So he decided to practice by building one in the garden of his family's Kent home.

He succeeded.

The U.K. teen soaked a pile of wood with gasoline while his parents were out. While filming on his cell phone for proof, he lit a match.

The fire soon spread to his father Eddie’s shed.

“I just remember thinking, I need to put out the fire and I need to get the tools and gas out of the shed,” Hawkins recalls.

But as Hawkins attempted to remove the tools, a petrol can in the shed exploded. It soaked Hawkins and the flames spread from his feet.

“Apparently I was shouting, but I couldn’t feel anything, I was just panicking and didn’t realize how badly I was burnt,” Hawkins told the Kent Online.

A neighbor heard Hawkins crying for help and called the fire department.

His mother Carol describes seeing her son being wheeled away from the house on a stretcher after she raced back home.

“I was so frightened, I felt like I was going to collapse. All I could hear was Edward saying ‘Mummy, help me, please help me.”

Hawkins was taken to the hospital and treated for superficial burns on his face. He may, however, need a skin graft for the serious burn on his thumb.

As for the shed, it cost £10,000 in damage, almost $17,000.

“To be honest, Edward wasn’t thinking about himself, he was more worried about how angry his dad would be that the outhouse he built from scratch, and all his tools, had been destroyed,” said the teen’s mother.

“This all came about because those Scouts teased him when he couldn’t get his fire going.”

"He just wanted to show them he could light one, bless him. Unfortunately I think he went a bit too far.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Kent Online